Creating Relationships in a Digital World with Dan Neuharth PhD

Creating Relationships in a Digital World with Dan Neuharth PhD

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We are living in a Digital World - We interact with each through our phones, texting love notes instead of giving flowers. We used to gather around the TV on family night and now we sit together with the glow of our devices lighting our faces. How do we create intimacy in a digital world? What defines friendship in a virtual world? Today we discuss these issues plus much more.

Dan Neuharth PhD is a marriage and family therapist and bestselling author of If You Had Controlling Parents: How to Make Peace with Your Past and Take Your Place in the World (HarperCollins Publishers) and Secrets You Keep From Yourself: How to Stop Sabotaging Your Happiness (St. Martin's Press). He also presents workshops on coping with narcissists and other types of difficult people.

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