Be a Host

Don't be left out of the conversation.

Be heard.

The days of traditional radio are over. Today, millions of people are going online for their news and how-to information – they’re downloading to an iPod, phones, computers and other electronic media.

How can you get your voice heard?  You can have your own radio show right now; reaching a potential audience of over six million people with an average annual income of $100K. Now is the time to tap an audience hungry for information and eager for what you have to say.

How to Start Your Own Internet Radio Show is a program that I created to so that you can be heard. You have a unique point of view. Don't let someone else promote your ideas, products or services. Become a radio host now and begin to reap the awards.

Some of the most popular shows are not hosted by media professionals but by ordinary people who have a passion and the ability to talk – people just like you. In this class you will learn everything you need to know to get your show on the air in as a little as one day including:
  • How to choose the right internet radio content and platform
  • Tips on finding and interviewing interesting guests (it’s easier than you think)
  • Publicizing your show
  • Increasing retention
  • Additional sources of revenue- and more
Business owners, consultants, life coaches,
artists and writers can benefit
from using Internet Radio ad a platform to 

reach a large audience.
As technology allows broadcasting from a laptop, or a phone, anyone can now host their own radio show from the privacy of their own home or office.

I am the radio show host and producer of Wild Woman Network: Conversations with Creative Vagabonds, Thinkers and Innovators on Blog Talk Radio. On my show I have interviewed million dollar authors, artists, writers and successful entrepreneurs. With my help clients have become successful hosts with top-rated programs, winning awards within months of getting on air.

How to Start Your Own Internet Radio Show- The Deluxe Program is $2,500.00

This package includes;

The creation of your radio program from concept to implementation. One on one coaching defining your show concept, format of your show (talk show format or interview style), and establishing your core audience. In addition, you will learn how to book guests, conduct an interview and how to leverage your show for additional profit streams.

In addition, I'll conduct an interview with you to announce the new show, create a digital download, transcription of the interview with a digital ebook to post on your website.
This program gives you the kind of personal care to create and establish your media profile. Contact me directly for more detailed information.

Don't be left out of the conversation. Get yourself heard now.

Program Options

Option two:

This is the easiest option if you are not ready to embark on full-fledged radio program

Here's how option two works:

Together we discover the core message for your business, or service:

who you are - what you do - what benefits you provide 

You are interviewed by me. My style is conversational and low-key providing a comfortable listening and interview experience. The interview will last 30-45 minutes.

In the interview we will highlight your core message, outlining the benefits you offer. This is especially helpful for promoting a book or a unique service that may not get promotion in traditional media.

Option two includes:

One on one coaching call- scripting the interviewing, defining and outlining the benefits of your business or service. During this call and after you will receive tips on how to be a good guest for this interview and any future shows.

Your interview is recorded and is now available for you to use as your digital calling card.

  • Create a free download for your website
  • Send it to clients, potential clients or
  • media outlets
  • Professional audio CD's (we can provide CD's
    for you an additional fee per CD)
The advantage to CD's is they can be handed out or sold at at workshops, networking events, to prospective clients, or displayed in your office.

The fee for option one is $297.00, including the coaching call, interview, digital recording of the interview and one CD (additional CD's can be made available for a fee).

Program Options

Option three:

Includes all of option two - the coaching call, interview, digital recording of the interview and one CD (additional CD's can be made available for a fee)

Plus, the transcription of  the show that can be created  into  special report,  booklet or ebook that can be downloaded from your website. (Additional fees if you want more then one option, such as a booklet to hand out and ebook to download)

You can use these products to give away as a free gift or offer, or, charge for your audio and report and sell it on your website or in person.

You can easily sell a downloadable 45 minute audio with the workbook for $19.95, creating additional products and income streams.

The fee for option two is $597.00, including the coaching call, interview, digital recording of the interview and one CD (additional CD's can be made available for a fee), transcription of your call and creation of an additional product (special report, booklet, or ebook).

Program Options


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